ABY-SOM Special Show at Riihimäki

Welcome to Somakiss Cat Club Special Show in Riihimäki Finland!


Special Show is held within URK FIFe Show. Address: Hj. Elomaan katu 4, 11130 Riihimäki. Special Show will be a ring show, judged by mr. Jean-Marc Lagarde (TICA Allbreed).


Show classes:

Abyssinian kittens 4-8 months / Abyssinian adults / Abyssinian neuters

Somali kittens 4-8 months / Somali adults / Somali neuters


Entry Fees:

1 cat 30€ / 2 cats together 50€ / 3 cats together 60 € / rest +20 €/cat

Best of color is rewarded in each class and also 10 cats will be chosen to be in class finals. Winner of each class will go to Best in Show -ring, in which BEST OF BEST will be chosen. Breeds will be judged separately. 


Show personnel:

Show manager: Anne Kontula anne.kontula3@gmail.com

Show secretary: Jemina Töyrylä jemina.toyryla@hotmail.com

Sponsors: Juliana Paski juliana.paski@gmail.com

INFO: Sanna-Leena Santapakka sanna.santapakka@gmail.com, FB: https://www.facebook.com/sanna.santapakka


Event in Facebook: