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Welcome to Somakiss!

Somakiss ry is a Finnish cat club devoted to Somali and Abyssinian cats. The club was established in 1991. Our mission is to promote and preserve the Somali and Abyssinian breeds and bring together people interested in these wonderful breeds.


If you are interested in becoming a member of Somakiss ry or have any questions, please contact us at pj(at)!

Looking for a breeder?

From our pages you can find a list of breeders, who have signed the breeder agreement with Somakiss ry. The agreement is only available in Finnish for the time being. 

List of Abyssinian breeders

List of Somali breeders


Looking for a kitten?

From our pages you will find Abyssinian and Somali kittens searching for a new home. We advise you to be in contact with the breeders well in advance. Kittens will not be necessarily available at all times. 

List of Abyssinian kittens

List of Somali kittens


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