Cats available for breeding

Breeders can use this page to report the availability of their males for breeding purposes. This page also lists breeding cats looking for foster homes as well as cats for sale to be used in breeding.

Abyssinian sire to be used in breeding

FI*Vorax Apollo 'Pena' (ABY n)
Date of birth: 5 July 2014
Sire: Jollinooran Belegrino (ABY p)
Dam: IC Nebuankhet Ultraviolet (ABY n)
Pedigree on E.R.o.S (n:o 523617)

According to the gene tests taken from his parents/ancestors, Pena is PRA and PK -negative and his blood type is A, does not carry bloodtype B (tested in 2016). 
Pena has passed his official knee and eye examinations. He is FIV and FeLV negative (tested 11/2016).

Owner: Hanna Salonen